Sunday, 10 June 2012

Motion on Greece: We are all Greeks now

Our Branch Committee on Thursday, following a report from Jeremy Corbyn MP about his recent trip there, passed the following motion:

This branch brings full support to the Greek workers  and our brothers and sisters in the Greek trade union movement.
The result of the last election expressed what the Greek working class have been demanding for over two years of strikes and mobilisations: the lethal austerity plan ( memorandum ) imposed by the troika ( EU/ECB, IMF ) must be cancelled.

In their struggle for the cancellation of the memorandum, the workers of Greece are faced with the “Holy Alliance” of the IMF, the ECB, the European Commission and the financial markets – and all those for whom  Greek workers should pay a debt which was created by the speculators and the bankers.

The austerity plans hitting the Greek  people  also hit us.

These plans are imposed by the same institutions and  aim to meet the same objective : make the workers pay.

The struggle of the Greek workers for the cancellation of the “memorandum” is a leaning point in our struggle against the destruction of the NHS, against the destruction of our pension system and against the cuts.

We in this branch say : we are all Greek.  We are on the side of the Greek people in the struggle for the cancellation of all austerity plans whatever they are and wherever they come from.

The BC suggests that all members become individual supporters of the Greek Solidarity campaign and agrees to affiliate to it and donate £50 to it.
The BC will circulate this motion to all branches and requests that the Greater London region adopt it and circulates it to all branches

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Proposed: Mike Calvert
Seconded: Jane Doolan

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