Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why we reject the pension deal

Dear members of Islington UNISON

From this week members will receive their ballot papers in the national ballot which will determine the policy of the national union over the future of the Local Government Pension Scheme (known as LGPS 2014).

The Branch's policy since we began discussing the proposed changes about a year ago at our Branch Committee, as expressed at our AGM in March, as expressed at two Branch meetings in July, and in a consultative members ballot conducted recently (by 221-6 votes), is to OPPOSE any changes to the scheme and REJECT these proposals.

The national union asked all branches to consult their members. We did this via two branch meetings, meetings in schools, circulating materials to the entire branch membership and the consultative ballot which voted to reject by 221 votes to 6 for acceptance with 2 spoilt papers.

This margin reflects the feeling for rejection  in this branch which is VERY strong. The membership was consulted very thoroughly. Our Branch's turnout was the second highest in London.

For more information see:

The Service Group Executive took a decision to recommend acceptance of the deal.

However, the Branch policy remains that the LGPS is not amendable and should be defended as is, and so the branch committee recommends that when you receive your ballot paper you reject the deal.

Mike Calvert and Jane Doolan
On behalf of the Branch Committee

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