Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas victory at the Bridge!

Some Christmas and New year's cheer from The Bridge school...

School staff, parents and carers celebrated an amazing victory when the Board of Governors met on 18th December 2012 to give the children, staff and carers/parents the best gift possible: complete rejection of the Gove style Academy proposals.

The Board of Governors were not aware of the fact that the trade unions had conducted a ballot of members and had totally rejected the proposals as this had been kept secret from them.

The three trade unions at the school, UNISON, NUT and GMB worked together in a really well co-ordinated and concerted manner to oppose the proposals.

The Bridge is a special needs school and our steward at the school, Jenny Densham deserves much of the credit for the success in rejecting the proposals.

Jane Doolan, Islington UNISON Branch Secretary said the following:

"This is an incredible piece of good news and is down to the hard work of Branch officers and Jenny Densham, our rep at the school.
This is what happens when the major trade unions work together and I say well done to all our members who fought this proposal."

We will publish a full report for the AGM and for distribution but this is an incredible victory and needs to be trumpeted around the Branch.

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