Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Letter to Evening Standard

Rather than making proposals to undermine the relationship between the Labour Party and trade unions, Ed Miliband should be focusing public attention upon the dubious sources of Tory funding - and the favours which flow from this.

Two key shareholders in Circle, the first private company to take over an NHS hospital for profit are Tory Party donors - and the Tories are not above taking money off the legal loan sharks who rip off working people (such as the half million donation they received from the major shareholder in Wonga.com).

In contrast to the Tories' dirty money, trade union funding of Labour is transparent. UNISON is committed to the active recruitment of home carers, nurses and admin workers into the Labour Party, which will strengthen Labour's relationship with ordinary working people - whereas the Tories rely upon donations from the wealthy who thereby buy influence over Government policy.

Ed Miliband's ill-considered proposals to repeat previous Tory attacks upon the unions' link with Labour threaten to divide us, and play into the hands of a Government desperate to distract us from the devastating consequences of their failed economic policies.

Andrew Berry, Labour Link Officer

Islington UNISON

Marshajane Thompson, Branch Secretary

Havering UNISON

Ruth Cashman, Joint Branch Secretary

Jon Rogers, Joint Branch Secretary

Lambeth UNISON

Phil Lewis, Labour Link Officer

George Binette, Branch Secretary


Gerard McGrath, Joint Branch Secretary

Sean Fox, Joint Branch Secretary

Haringey UNISON

Daniel Nichols, Labour Link Officer


Emine Ibrahim, Labour Link Officer and Branch Chair Redbridge UNISON

Kevin Ward, Labour Link Officer Middlesex University UNISON

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