Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An Open Letter to all Islington Councillors from Islington UNISON

Dear Councillor

Over the last few years we have tried very hard to engage constructively with the
Council.We have been involved in the return of a number of services such 
as Enterprise and HFI.

We worked very closely on the Fairness Commission and the 
introduction of the London Living Wage.

Our members have taken hit after hit when it came to cuts with many reviews and
services being decimated. The Youth Service (Connexions) lost 70% of its budget in
2011 due to cuts.

That is why our Members feel very aggrieved and betrayed because in spite of all
these cuts they have displayed amazing good will by struggling on and providing
excellent services despite the adverse circumstances and their pay being cut by at
least 15%.

We understand these cuts are imposed by the Tory/Liberal Democrat Government,
however there are attacks on Islington's workforce for which you are solely
responsible and which the union feel should have been avoided:

         438 redundancies from April 2010 to April 2013

         469 staff recruited in the same period

Why was there a need to lose these staff in the first place?

       Agency spend since April 2012: £22,231,040 (yes £22 millions)

       Money wasted on consultants fees: £522,715 on eleven staff in three months in
      Chief Executives Office

That is why we are asking for an urgent meeting with the new Leader and the Chief
Executive as a matter of urgency and a Member led inquiry into the external
recruitment and why it has been so unfettered.

We demand an explanation for the massive spend on consultants such as Red Quadrant
and PWC.

We demand explanations for the need to spend £17 million on agency in one year, and
how many if these are on zero hour contracts? Why spend £500,000 in three months on
eleven consultants in the CEO?

We have provided you with our newsletter and motions passed at our branch meeting so
you will see the depth of concern our members have.

We look forward to meeting with the new leader and Chief Executive.

Yours Sincerely

Jane Doolan
Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON


Mike Calvert
Deputy Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON

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