Thursday, 28 November 2013

Islington Council becomes the first Council to sign upto UNISON Ethical Care Charter

Islington Council has become the first local authority to sign up to the Ethical Care Charter

Councillor Janet Burgess, Executive member for Adult Social Care announced to a Council meeting:

"I am delighted to say that the Council has signed up to the Charter. I was at a meeting with Unison today when we went through the findings of their report in some detail. There are some very shocking practices that seem to go on in Care across the country, but we have signed up to the Charter and are doing our best
to abide by it. We are currently looking at the specification to re-tender our domiciliary care contract and will write the points of the charter into the new contracts."

Sean McLaughlin, Director of Housing and Adult Social Services, explained that:

"I cannot express strongly enough that there is very strong support for the Charter from our Councillors and Commissioners."

Mike Calvert, Deputy Branch Secretary said:

"This is excellent news and we hope that this indicates that the local authority will be looking to protect our home care workers and other care workers, whether in-house or externalised.
Of course the best thing that Islington could do would be break the contracts they have with providers like Care UK and provide all care services in-house."

Islington UNISON welcomes the Council signing up to the Ethical Care Charter.

Another first for Islington UNISON

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