Friday, 30 May 2014

Labour wins historic landslide

Labour Party members within UNISON are naturally delighted that Labour won 47 out of 48 seats on the Council. We have written to all Councillors congratulating them on a famous victory, one that is down to standing on a platform of opposition to the coalition government and for fairness and a willingness to "insource" services (bring them back in house).

The huge majority and the wipe-out of the LibDems is a positive step forward but it means that Labour will face scrutiny like never before.

We applaud the implementation of the recommendations of the Fairness Commission, the implementation of the London Living Wage or LLW, the in-sourcing of many services when very other council is doing the opposite, the undertaking to implement the UNISON Ethical Care Charter, the commitment to not use zero hours contracts, the commitment by Labour to clamp down n bullying of staff by management.

These are all positive measures but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. UNISON hopes to enjoy good relations with the new Labour Council and Councillors Watts and Hull in particular but we will be keenly monitoring every move by the Group and by management.

We will be writing more as the new Group settles down and will report back on our discussions to our members.

Mike and Jane 

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