Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Pay rise is for life not just for Christmas!!!

A Pay rise is for life not just for Christmas!!!

The proposal put by the employers is an insult. It is worth 0.55%. Even less than the original 1% offered and certainly nowhere near £1.20 an hour increase. This insult coupled with a "compensatory payment" of £100 which is not consolidated, does not form part of your pay increase (or cut) or £s reflected in your pension. It is a one off payment and is taxable. It is a joke !!! We need to be clear that for Islington employees this is what is on offer. 

Some members may see the £100 as a help over the festive period but in real terms if we accept this we are taking a year on pay cut of around 20% and they will keep coming back for more until we have had our pay cut by 40%. That £100 one off payment and that slightly over 1/2% will seem like a distant memory. I appreciate that the way the employers are spinning this makes it look as if we have an improved offer. Don't be fooled. If 1% wasn't good enough on the 10th July why would anyone consider settling for 0.55% on the 14th October ?

I rest my case

Jane Doolan
Branch Secretary

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