Thursday, 26 February 2015

Open Letter to All Islington Councillors : No Compulsory Split Shifts!

Dear Member
On 13th December 2013 - Islington Council signed up to the Ethical Care Charter. This Charter was set up to defend and promote homecare services and Homecarers. Islington was the first to sign it and in doing so – promised to ensure its agents paid the London Living Wage and travel time.
Travel time amongst the In-House Carers is still an issue with little time being given between visits to clients. Islington’s treatment of its complex needs in-house service fall short of the principles of the Ethical Care Charter. As part of a recent re-organisation – homecarers are being forced to undertake split shifts.
Management are claiming that homecarers have downtime over the lunchtime, our members say differently. It is our belief that our members are getting contradictory information from management. This is causing undue stress and concern. A group of homecare workers met this week with their trade unions: UNISON and GMB.  Not all were present as some were at work – those present made up 460 years worth of experience and service to this Council. Their commitment and dedication seems to mean nothing to management. This is DISGRACEFUL!
We also have concerns about the amount of clients who are being transferred to London Care. We have asked management about this but our members are telling us something very different. We have been told that clients are being forced to London Care without consultation with the individual clients or their families consent or views.  If this is the case it is OUTRAGEOUS and negates the Ethical Care Charter. Councillors: be assured we will take you to task and not let this go.
Councillors, you need to ask questions about this service. You also need to listen to your staff and not just your managers. You need to listen to the trade unions. Your managers need to deal with us transparently in the spirit of the Ethical Care Charter and the Staff Manifesto.
Yours truly,
Jane Doolan, Branch Secretary Islington UNISON
Vaughan West, Branch Secretary Islington GMB

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