Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why this Election is vital

I am sure most people know by now that the General Election is taking place on May 7th and the polls indicate it will be a tight race. It is therefore extremely important that members vote as a future Tory government is proposing to make cuts to the public sector on a par with the 1930's.
It is clear if a Tory government or a Tory led government gets back in then we will see cuts on an even worse scale  than the last 5 years. Labour may not reflect fully the policies that we in UNISON would like to see but there are policies worth noting such as scrapping the Health and Social Care Act, getting rid of "zero hour contracts" and removing fees from employment tribunals.
We do need people who will stand up for public services and especially Local Government. One of our  Local MPs, Jeremy Corbyn, who is also a member of this branch has always stood side by side with us in our campaigns against cuts and for investing in services.  Fortunately he's in a safe seat (Islington North) as is Emily Thornberry in the other seat, Islington South. Which is why Islington UNISON Labour Link is organising a campaign evening in Hornsey and Wood Green where Catherine West, the former Labour leader of Islington Council  is standing against an incumbent Liberal Democrat and Government Minister, Lynne Featherstone.  Catherine has stated that the national Labour leadership are not promising enough on Local Government funding. Catherine's article is below on the blog. 

Please make sure that you are registered to vote by Monday 20th April.

This can easily be done on line see:

Andrew Berry
Islington UNISON Labour Link Officer


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