Thursday, 4 June 2015

The best piece of news in a long time!

Dear editor

We are thrilled and delighted at the news announced on  Wrdnesday that Jeremy Corbyn is standing for leader of the Labour Party.

As members of UNISON in Islington we have always found Jeremy to be a man of principle and very supportive of our members and the branch

He is an excellent MP and would be a fine leader of the party.
Jeremy's result was one if the best in the country anywhere and all parties.
He got a higher vote than anyone in this constituency before him

Our members and his constituents trust him and his results show that trust returned election after election

There needs to be a voice of reason in the Labour leadership election, a voice for justice and a voice against the "back to the future" politics of the Blairites who seek to reach an "aspiring middle class" that is a fiction.

We welcome Jeremy standing and call on all MPs to nominate him so he ensures that there is a real debate about austerity, workers rights, housing costs etc. the issues that would have animated the working class over the whole country on May 7 had it been put to the electorate

Jane Doolan Branch Secretary
Mike Calvert Deputy Branch Secretary

Andrew Berry Labour Link Officer

On behalf of Islington UNISON

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