Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Guidance for the Labour leadership election

For those who have registered but not yet voted here is some guidance including UNISON recommendations from both National and Branch were applicable.
Leader Election
UNISON has nominated Jeremy Corbyn MP and therefore recommends a 1st preference for Jeremy, the Islington Branch are also fully behind the Jeremy for leader Campaign. Jeremy is great friend of the Islington Branch has always supported the branch in campaigns and actions.
UNISON has also recommended a 2nd preference for Yvette Cooper MP.
Deputy Leader Election
UNISON has nominated Angela Eagle MP as Deputy Leader and recommends a 1st Preference.
UNISON also has recommended a 2nd preference for Stella Creasy MP.
Mayoral candidate selection
Greater London UNISON has made no recommendation in the Mayor Selection but points out that Sadiq Khan, David Lammy and Tessa Jowell are UNISON members.
The Islington Branch Labour Link meeting voted to support Diane Abbott MP for 1st preference.
There was no recommendation for second preference but a majority of other trade unions have nominated Sadiq Khan MP and Diane’s campaign is recommending a 2nd preference to Sadiq.
National Labour link Committee (Greater London seat):
This is a separate ballot sent to your home address and you do not need to register for it all APF payers should get one, the Branch has nominated myself, Andrew Berry.
Andrew Berry
UNISON Labour Link Officer

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