Sunday, 2 August 2015

Jezza: Unity is our watchword

Jeremy Corbyn’s unity appeal says:
“We have now completed the formal nomination phase of Labour’s leadership election, and as we move closer to the ballot itself our watchword must be unity, with a debate embracing all members from all parts of the party.
“The leadership election should be conducted with one thought in mind: our objective is to be a united party focused on winning the general election and campaigning across the country, day in day out. Everywhere, from a local council election, to the Scottish, Welsh and London elections, we will need unity to win.
“Everything that everyone says and does in this leadership election should be about unity, not division. There is no place for personal animosity, negative campaigning, and saying or doing anything now that will damage our ability to work together as one party.
“Whoever wins the leadership must work tirelessly every day to forge Labour into a united and successful party.
“Let us do policy and politics, not personal criticism. Supporters of all candidates must put this positive spirit first, in the interests of our party.
 “When the dust has settled, we will still all be Labour. Let’s conduct our debate on the basis of comradeship and unity in action against the damaging agenda of the Tory party.”

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