Thursday, 14 July 2016

Islington motion to forthcoming UNISON Disabled Members' Conference


Recent disabled members conference have had a running battle over the term used to identify disabled members, either "Disabled Members" or "people with disabilities."

The National Disabled Members Committee rather then debate and discuss the issue, the response from NDMC has often been presented in a dictatorial manner informing conference it will ignore its views on the wording.

This conference notes that large numbers of disability and liberation campaigns use the term Disabled Members or disabled people not people with disabilities eg Disabled People Against the Cuts.

UNISON accepts the social model of disability, ie disability is caused by the way society is organised.

Unison Disabled Members should be an inclusive and democratic SOG but also one that does not shy away from difficult arguments.

This conference instructs the NDMC to produce a discussion document on the arguments for and against use of "Disabled Members" and "People with Disabilities". The document should draw on information and experience from other UK and worldwide disability campaigning organisations. Ensure this  discussion is accessible to all disabled members including all required formats such as Easy Read and audio.

To use the document to  consult  the  membership widely, asking for responses from Regional Disabled Members Committee, Branches and other Self Organised groups and publish results prior to the next years Conference.

That the NDMC bring a motion National Disabled Members Conference  2017 based on the feedback, with a view of settling the question.

Andrew Berry

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