Monday, 4 July 2016

Statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn by Islington UNISON Labour Link

Statement by Islington UNISON Labour Link

• THE referendum result has already been used by the right wing in the Labour Party as an opportunity to challenge the Jeremy Corbyn leadership. We are with Mr Corbyn. The huge democratic mandate on which he stood for and won the leadership of the Labour Party stands.
Whatever the shortcomings of Labour’s campaign on the referendum, Mr Corbyn was right not to join the Tories’ big business message on Europe and was right not to appeal to traditional Labour voters on the basis of prejudice against migrants.
Nobody is better placed than Mr Corbyn to win back the Labour heartlands and to put forward politics of solidarity socialism and anti-racism.
After the referendum result, it is vital that Labour MPs return to their constituencies to begin to heal the dangerous fault lines that have split poorer working-class communities and not be hidden away in the corridors of Westminster plotting against an elected leader with an overwhelming mandate
Our members overwhelmingly supported Jeremy for Labour leader. Jeremy has always supported our members, both as leader, local MP and long-standing member of the branch. Islington Unison will stand by him now, like the vast majority of Labour Party members. We are with Corbyn.


Islington Unison Labour Link officer

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