Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pay dispute ends: nothing much for foreseeable future!

Dear UNISON members

Many of you have received emails from Dave Prentis,  the General Secretary of UNISON, explaining why the pay "proposal" has been accepted as the "best possible by negotiation".

As a branch we have led the way in arguing that this "proposal", now a deal, is the worst thing that could happen. This is why we campaigned for a rejection vote.

Our branch voted by 69% to 31% to reject the proposal.

The Branch Committee's view is that had the national leadership campaigned as vigorously as the London Branches did for rejection- we would not be in this dreadful position now.

Nationally the vote was 65% to accept and 35% to reject.

We are saddled with a "deal" that gives us no back pay, only a so-called "non consolidated" lump sum of £100 to be paid in Islington on 19th December and another in April 2015 of virtually zero!

The actual award/amount works out around just less than 1% this years and next year!

This is utterly deplorable!

Our Branch leadership led the way in calling for a special local government conference to hold the national leadership to account at our Branch Committee on 2nd October 2014. The Manchester branch issued a national call and we now have the required number of branches supporting the call. 


Our Branch leadership is dismayed by this turn of events and will use the special one day local government conference to express the whole branch's feelings of dismay.

Many of our members feel let down by the leadership of our union and they came out on strike on the basis that there was a strategy for winning our claim but it became clear early on that there was no strategy. Many local government members feel betrayed by the national leadership and this has left us in a weak position. Once again it is up to the local branches to rebuild that lost confidence amongst our members and as a branch we will continue to work in a unified fashion in the interests of our members and in defence of the services they provide.

Islington is paying us on 19th December-just in time for Xmas-so you should have your compensatory, unconsolidated payment in your pay. It is subject to tax and NI!

Comradely greetings

Fiona Monkman (Branch Chair)

Jane Doolan (Branch Secretary)

Mike Calvert (Deputy Branch Secretary)

For more information see the branch blog:
And follow us on Twitter: @IslingtonU77
And on the special conference see:


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