Friday, 6 February 2015

Principles of a Pay Claim

The following motion has been submitted by the Islington Branch to the Special Local Government Conference on Pay
This special service group notes:

That once again, local government workers have been tied into a pay deal that means we have no chance of seeing any real pay increase until 2016

That the initial turnout of 13% was low. In spite of this, branches and the SGE/NJC did everything possible to ensure a turnout on 10/7/14

The lack of the publicity or build up to the next day of action put undue pressure on branches

Branches worked exceptionally hard during the summer building for the day of activity on 20/8/14

Indeed, branches were starting to report that previously, where members had crossed picket lines, this would not be the case on 14/10/14

This special service group conference also notes:

That the proposal which resulted in an offer was confusing, not only to members but activists, and believes that this is why it was accepted a s a default position.

The original claim of £1 an hour was a welcome idea but once again by factoring in London at £1.20 ah hour caused confusion and was ultimately divisive

That the eventual offer may have given the low paid an increase. However, the lack of direction by the national union on the issues of austerity has not helped our claim-as all members are facng hardship due to austerity and not only the low paid.

The service group review on the guidance on pay consultation as agreed at the Local government service group conference 2014. This conference agrees the new guidance should include clear guidelines facilitating branches and regions in making their own recommendation to their members in any future pay consultations in line with Democracy in UNISON guidelines.

This Special service group conference resolves:

That there should be a single flat rate figure claim. This should be every year, and not tied into deals over multiple year claims. Any back pay should be consolidated.

Pay is about the ability to live, feed our families and pay our bills, keeping a roof over our heads.

Terms and conditions should not be tied into any pay claims/ award

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