Monday, 25 July 2016

UNISON Consultation on Labour Leadership nomination

UNISON Consultation on Labour Leadership nomination:

Islington UNISON members who pay into the Affiliated Political Fund (Labour Link) will soon be consulted on who UNISON should nominate; I understand this process will be carried out by email.

It is disappointing that after last year’s leadership election where Jeremy Corbyn won and overwhelming mandate to lead the Labour Party, we are once again having a leadership election less than 12 months since the last. A letter from a number of trade unions General Secretaries including UNISONs Dave Prentis, described it as “an unwelcome distraction”, The Islington branch also made it clear in a statement during the attempted coup that “We stand by our union’s decision to support Corbyn for leader”

Dave Prentis said the following, as the attempted coup was unfolding “Last summer, our union nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, and a great number of our members voted for him in the Labour leadership contest. Support for Jeremy remains the position of this union, as determined by our members through our democratic structures.”

At the Labour Link Forum two weeks ago a gathering 200 elected delegates from around the country passed the following:

This “Forum continues to support Jeremy Corbyn with his anti-austerity platform and his belief in a new kind of politics that is progressive and fair in its outlook.”

Please respond to the consultation when you get it and consider the previous union statements above when you do so.

How to get a vote in Labour Leadership Election

If you got a vote in last year’s labour leadership election you should get a vote this time, but if anything has changed eg your email or home address then please register as a supporter once again.

If you didn't get a vote last time as long as you joined prior to January 12th 2016 then you need to register here.

You have to be a member of UNISON affiliated political fund to get a vote but if in doubt fill in form rather than lose your vote.

Deadline to register as an affiliated supporter in August 8th


Andrew Berry, Labour Link Officer




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