Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Voting in the Labour Leadership Election 2016

Voting in the Labour Leadership Election August-September 2016

If you got a vote in last years labour leadership election you should get a vote this time, but if anything has changed eg your email address then please register as a supporter once again.

If you didn't get a vote last time, as long as you're a UNISON member who joined prior to January 12th and pay into the Affiliated Political Fund or APF/Labour Link, you can get a vote but you must register here

To check if you pay into the UNISON Affiliated Political Fund you can do so online here:

You will need your membership number in order to go to UNISON details.

Alternatively you can ring UNISON direct on 0800 0857 857.

If you don't pay into UNISON's Affiliated Political Fund/Labour Link you won't get a vote and as the rules stand, changing political funds (from the General Political Fund or GPF to the APF/Labour Link) at this point will not get you a vote either.

However if you are in doubt then please fill in affiliated supporters form anyway. 

The deadline to register as an affiliated supporter in August 8th 2016

If you are not eligible for any of the above and are not a Labour Party member who has been a member since before January 12th, the only option to get a vote is to pay £25.

The rate has clearly been set to a price to discourage people from voting and I am far from happy about the cost and will be raising it with the UNISON NEC, however its unlikely that it will changed.

The deadline to register as a registered supporter is 5pm Wednesday 20th July.

Comradely Regards

Andrew Berry
Labour Link Officer

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